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Ponder the Stories

Posted Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 4:08 PM


I love stories. The Bible is full of stories, and each are gold mines of treasures; insightful, provocative, disturbing, instructive, and some even humorous. Take the story of the woman at the well in John 4.

Why would Jesus go through Samaria? Most Jews would take the longer indirect route to Galilee, because of the longstanding Samaritan issue, (the ‘issue’ is interesting in and of itself).

Why did he engage a woman in conversation? Knowing she was a Samaritan woman at that. By the way, this is the longest one-on-one chat with Jesus recorded in the New Testament,

Jesus asked her to go get her husband, (it was inappropriate for a man to be talking to a woman alone in a public space), knowing full well she was not married … oops?

Jesus had a habit of doing things that riled up the religious leaders … healing on the Sabbath, hanging around the ‘wrong’ crowd, talking to people of ‘questionable’ pedigree, and so on.

Look carefully, in spite of his disagreement with the religious leaders … Jesus did not abandon the synagogue, nor its ways. Jesus despised their motives not the God they wanted to represent. Jesus knew who it was they wanted to represent, they just didn’t know Him.

Here are some interesting layers to this story that we can ponder?

Jesus was unafraid to be with people regardless of their history, reputation, present situations, or what others thought. Are we?
Jesus was not afraid of questions, and this woman was not afraid to ask them.
Jesus was happy to stay a few days with the Samaritans even though it would increase the ire of ‘religious leaders’… read the whole story.
The Good News is for everyone.
Believing is an important part of these stories.
There is no record of her confession for her sin.
The woman focused on the law; Jesus focused on grace.
Did this woman really know who she was until she met Jesus?
Was she drawn by His judgement of her, or by His grace?

A common response of all the people Jesus touched, spoke to, and set free was that they went and told others; … what a good thing to do.

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